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Dri-Eaz F451 Dri-Pod

Dri-Eaz F451 Dri-Pod With its 360° outlet grill design, the Dri-Pod pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it across the entire floor at once covering an area up to 10 ft across. Simply place the Dri-Pod in the center of a room and dry carpet, tile, vinyl or hardwood floors faster than ever.

Dri-Eaz F504 Velo Air Mover

Dri-Eaz F504 Velo Air Mover The Velo’s broad-path high velocity airflow drives amazing results – from an airmover that’s half the height of standard carpet dryers and draws just 1.9 amps! With the Velo, you can rapidly dry the largest area ever – or tackle special challenges with any of the unit’s five versatile positions.

Dri-Eaz F518 Velo HEPA Kit

Velo and Velo Pro HEPA Kit Converts your Velo airmover for general air scrubbing and dust control applications The HEPA Kit allows the Velo and Velo Pro airmovers to be used for general air scrubbing applications. The HEPA attachment installs in minutes – no tools needed. A prefilter cover (included) extends life of HEPA filter.

Prochem Triad Air Mover (includes Quick Duct Attachment)

Prochem Triad Air Mover (includes Quick Duct Attachment) Why choose the name Triad? Triad refers to Triple Advantage, which combines high-performance, ergonomics, and space savings.

B-Air FX-1 ETL Flex Mini-Air Mover

The Flex (#FX-1) is a powerful miniature air mover / dryer that gets into small spaces where average air movers cannot reach.

The Flex (FX-1) helps dry any small or difficult to reach space whether it be closets, under counters or into drop ceiling panels. Use the Cub's versatile design in 2 different angles, (horizontally or 90°) to allow air flow in the desired direction.
As with all B-Air products, the Cub is made of high quality materials to ensure many years of exceptional use.


B-Air PB-25 ETL Polar Bear Axial Air Mover

 The Polar Bear axial air mover (PB-25) is engineered for maximum performance. The built-in adjustable feet allow the Polar Bear to be used at a level horizontal angle or to be positioned at a downward 18° angle for a more concentrated air-flow.

The ¼ HP motor in the Polar Bear delivers a powerful 3300 CFM while requiring minimal amperage draw (2.8 amps) when set on high. The Polar Bear is lightweight and compact and along with its weight balanced handle, the PB-25 can be carried with ease.

With an onboard GFCI outlet, the Polar Bear axial fan has all the tools for “Daisy Chain” connectivity and holds the highest safety marks for the United States and Canada through its C-ETL-US certification.

·         3300 CFM

·         2 speed, low amp draw (2.4/2.8)

·         Daisy-chain up to 5 units

·         On board GFCI protects the air mover and attached devices

·         Adjustable height feature – use it level or at a downward angle  

·         Hour meter  


$359.00 $299.00

Phoenix 4025200 Focus Axial Fan

The Phoenix Axial Air Mover is the industry's only air mover specifically engineered with patent pending FOCUS™ Technology. FOCUS Technology revolutionizes evaporative drying by producing CFM greater than competitive products and focusing those CFM's on hard-to-dry areas such as carpet and pad, sub-floor and walls.
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Phoenix 4030990 Stackable CAM PRO Centrifugal Air Mover (GFCI)

Low 2.8 amp draw! Balanced airflow characteristics and maximum velocities of 2700 FPM are the foundation on which the Phoenix Centrifugal Air Mover is built. We made sure the body was the most rugged and durable it could be, to stand up to the rigors of the restoration industry. Use onboard GFCI to daisy chain up to 4 units on a single 15 amp circuit.

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