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The Restoration Rebel Summit 2018

By Andy Kemmeter, OVR Rental Manager

Rebel Restoration Lobo


OVR Equipment Sales & Rentals was proud to sponsor a booth at The Restoration Rebel Summit 2018 in Nashville this past weekend.

For those unaware of The Restoration Rebels, they are a group of independent restoration professionals that formed to initiate unity, discussion, and change in our industry. The Restoration Rebel vision is “A UNITED family of VIABLE and VIBRANT restoration professionals operating in an environment of shared prosperity and self-determination.” The Rebels don’t believe in competitors. They see all restoration professionals as family members.

Our industry is not an easy one, it’s hard work, but it’s very rewarding work. It’s nice to see the “united family” attitude at the forefront in today’s world. Work together, not separate.

OVR Sales Manager Andy McNeill and I met so many great people and connected with great friends from our industry. The Restoration Rebel Summit was great for networking, but also had a multitude of inspiring speakers and industry workshops all weekend. Andy McNeill and I left the Summit very inspired by witnessing a new energy growing in our industry.

You can get more info on The Restoration Rebels by visiting their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RestorationRebel

Contractor Connection Conference is Next Week!

GET CONNECTED JUNE 5th – 8th!!! Yes, you guessed it, the 2017 Contractor Connection Conference is in St. Louis next week! You still have time though to make plans to connect with others from the insurance, restoration, and home improvement industry. As you are most likely aware, Contractor Connection is the largest managed repair network in North America and this is the signature event of the network. It is also the largest attended event in the combined insurance restoration and home improvement industry.

Don’t miss this phenomenal opportunity to take advantage of informative general sessions, engaging workshops and a variety of breakout sessions led by insurance carrier personnel and industry experts. This year’s program focuses on getting connected through technology and innovation. Technological advancements are impacting the insurance and restoration industries by providing avenues to enhance speed of service, increase transparency and operate efficiently. The result is elevated performance and increased levels of customer satisfaction.

Join us and discover why more than 3,500 network member contractors, insurance claim executives, affinity partners and vendors know that this is the place to be and be seen each year. OVR Equipment Sales & Rentals will be there in Booth 227! Make it a point to visit us to check out the latest in restoration equipment and take advantage of our show specials! We will be looking for YOU!!


Out and About in Kansas City!!

Mike Terrell, President of OVR Equipment Sales 


I am pleased to say that I am in attendance at the MORE FLOODS NATIONAL SALES MEETING today through Saturday, 10/22. This annual event is the best independent restoration networking experience available! The schedule is full of opportunities for learning and sharing the latest information regarding marketing/operational systems in the water restoration industry. Their sensational social events continue the exchange of knowledge. Hope to see you here!!

I am also proud to say that I am given the chance to speak on How to Hire Great Employees, Not Just Great Applicants. I will post the link to this presentation once available. Contact me anytime as I will gladly address your questions. 





Hurricane Matthew


OVR Equipment Sales & Rentals is in the Myrtle Beach and Savannah areas with Dehumidifiers, Air Movers and Dessicants ready for rent! We also have Odor Control chemicals for sale. Commercial jobsite delivery available. 


Contact us 24/7/365!  

CALL MIKE at 513-505-7046 or 513-874-7478


Mike Terrell, OVR President


“EQUIPMENT – Renting vs. Buying for the Start-up Water Restoration Company"


Deciding whether to rent or buy equipment is one of many crucial decisions that a new owner has to make. Because this decision is usually made in the early stages of his/her new business, it will be greatly affected by budget, location and who you know in the industry.  Allow me to explain.

Let's start with the basics:

To be successful, you must purchase your own extraction unit, meter kit, air scrubber and a certain number of dehumidifiers and air movers. The number of dehumidifiers and air movers will depend on your budget.  If you have to rent these items every time a customer calls, you will have low profit margins, you will lose time and you will lose jobs!

If your budget allows, you should also purchase some specialty equipment such as power boxes, a hardwood floor drying system a hydroxyl generator and an E-TES unit. These tools will allow you to offer a wider variety of services, dry jobs faster and give you a great opportunity to market to adjusters.

If you are in a city, you may be able to rent some specialty equipment from your local supplier (if they carry it) or from a friendly competitor. However, if you are like my friends in Jackson, Ohio, you will likely have to purchase as the closest place to borrow or rent is 70 miles away!  Please keep in mind that these items will not likely be available when everyone gets busy.  So, again, you will lose jobs.

Equipment Rental…the Pro's:

When renting for short-term events or one-time jobs, it is more cost effective for contractors to rent additional drying equipment. This is especially true if there is no foreseeable use for the equipment in the future. When renting equipment, contractors are only responsible for the rental rate and the chosen rental protection plan. These savings allow contractors to put an influx of cash into their business. Renting additional drying equipment allows you to be “BIG”, to keep your commitments to your customers and keep your competitors away from them.

Equipment Purchases…the Con's:

Purchasing equipment results in high up-front costs and additional related expenses that are included in the total cost of ownership. For example, contractors that decide to purchase equipment must factor in costs associated with financing, maintenance and repairs, insurance, transportation, storage and energy, which can exceed 100 percent of the average initial purchase price. Please also keep in mind that the low payment plan may not seem so low when you are in one of the long, dry spells that are prone to happen in our industry.

The balancing act:

You should have rental expenses allocated in your yearly budget. The key is not to continue renting the same items too often…especially dehumidifiers and air movers!  As time goes on, you can use your rental patterns to help you make decisions on future purchases, then modify your budget accordingly.  Make purchases as your budget allows and when it makes sense, but continue to budget for rental expenses.  You never know when the “big one” will come along…hopefully soon!

NEW to our CHEMICAL INVENTORY- Check this out!!!


OVR Equipment Sales & Rentals is proud to announce that we just became a distributor for Foster ® and Sporicidin™ mold remediation products!!




Foster's premium products are internationally known within the industrial, residential and commercial construction markets, as the brand of choice for use in the prevention of mold, mildew and bacteria. Their popular 40-90 First Defense™ Disinfectant Concentrate, for mold & mildew clean-up, is extremely effective and ideal for use on water damage restoration projects.  Soon, we will have stocked on our shelves their BRAND NEW 40-25 Full Defense™ Fungicidal Protective Coating!! This is the only EPA registered product that kills residual mold & mildew, protects surfaces from mold re-growth and has a 10 year limited warranty!! Click below for further details of this technologically advanced coating material:


Foster Full Defense Fungicidal Protective Coating 40-25






We are also pleased to start offering the Sporicidin Brand family of disinfectants and cleaning products, a name that has been trusted in the restoration industry for over 35 years! Their broad array of cleaning, disinfecting and mold remediation products allows you, the mold remediation/ restoration professional, to choose the format that best suits your application. The Sporicidin™ Disinfectant Solution is lab tested, field-proven and has been used by the cleaning and restoration industry for mold remediation, sewage and flood clean up for over 30 years! Sporicidin™ Mold & Mildew Stain Remover is an excellent product for removing unsightly stains left by microbial life; easy to use and works FAST- results in about an hour! Check out additional details by clicking below:

Sporicidin Disinfectants and Cleaners




Contact ANDY at 513-874-7478 or check our website for

Introductory Deals on these tried and true products coming soon!   










Who doesn't love to save money????

We at OVR Equipment Sales & Rentals continually strive to improve the services and goods we provide our customers. With that being said, we are very pleased to now offer “the best program in the industry!!!


For each and every purchase, rental and/or service you make at OVR, earn 5% CREDIT towards any of the classes offered at our training facility. The credit amount earned is calculated on the pre-tax total of the invoice and there is NO CAP on the credit you can accumulate!  And even better . . . there is NO EXPIRATION date!!  You will be amazed how fast the credits add up!!! Truly the perfect way to train and certify all your employees!

Visit www.ovrsupply.com and check out all the classes we have! OVR Training Center offers a wide variety of IICRC courses, all taught by industry-renowned instructors. Our facility has a state-of-the-art training room; fully functional, free standing 1100 SF flood house and 100+ days of training classes scheduled per year.  Call us at (513) 874-7478 to verify your credits and get registered!

And, as luck would have it, one of our most popular classes starts August 1st!!!!  The WRT/ASD Combo course allows you to earn two (2) IICRC certifications at once! Get your Water Restoration Technician Certification and immediately follow it up with the hands-on practical training you’ll need to do the job. The Applied Structural Drying Class in our flood house will provide you the opportunity to work with a variety of equipment and real life drying situations. The cost of the class is $1,295 + test fees and includes: class manual, lunch, beverages and snacks. Class begins promptly at 8:00am on Mon, 8/1 and concludes after testing on Fri, 8/5.  As the WRT and ASD are both very desirable designations, this class is extremely popular so register early!


  Contractor Connection FIND A WAY 2016 Conference

Join us in Las Vegas June 21-24!!


The 2016 Contractor Connection Conference in Las Vegas is next week- June 21st-24th , , , yes, already!!! There is still time though to make plans to attend the premier industry event of the year!

Get connected with others from the insurance, restoration, and home improvement industry. Enjoy informative General Sessions, engaging workshops, a variety of breakout sessions led by insurance carrier personnel and industry experts. This year’s program will focus on how to find a way to consistently deliver exceptional restoration quality and superb customer service, no matter the circumstances.

Also attend one of the largest tradeshows in the restoration industry; gain access to 3,000 plus construction industry professionals. OVR Equipment Sales & Rentals will be there in Booth 628! Make it a point to visit us to check out the latest in restoration equipment and take advantage of our show specials!

The 2016 Contractor Connection Conference promises to deliver an experience unlike any other! Click on the link below and get registered TODAY!!


Contractor Conference June 2016 Las Vegas

Train...or Not to Train...

What if you train them and they just leave?”

“What if you DON’T train them and they STAY?”


Ahhh, the eternal employer conundrum…for which there seems to be no definitive answer…HOWEVER, over and over again, training has proven to be the way to go!


“There is no time that an employer devotes to his business

that is

more profitable to the company

than the

time he takes to improve the training of his employees.”


Continuing with that sound advice, studies show that hands-on training is an extremely successful way to teach water removal and drying procedures. The IICRC recognized this and established the WRT/ASD Combo Course (Water Restoration Technician / Applied Structural Drying). This full week course teaches restoration personnel the concepts and effects of water damage. Then the class continues as the students observe and use the equipment in an actual flooded building situation. This invaluable hands-on, real world experience, along with the use of state-of-the-art equipment, will allow your technicians to make informed decisions on the best tools to use for each situation.

Avoid the lost customers, costly mistakes, lost time and increase in miscellaneous expenses, due to untrained employees. Remember, OVR is an IICRC Certified Training Center! We offer many certification courses through-out the year. Contact us for details at 513-874-7478 or visit our full schedule on the website. Check out our Facebook page for discounts!!


                                  IICRC WRT/ASD COMBO COURSE                        

June 13-17, 2016

Best course for real world, hands-on experience!!



Business slow? There is something you CAN do!

As you all are well aware, the Water Restoration Industry as a whole has been experiencing a lull for several months now. And yes, we all know and understand that businesses have highs and lows. HOWEVER, the very last thing we should be doing is sitting around, waiting and hoping for things to change soon. Now is the time TO RAMP UP YOUR MARKETING!! Take advantage of this opportunity (yes, opportunity) and execute the following ideas to help position your business for the inevitable turnaround:

  1. SEEK NEW PROSPECTS! Locate them by using a different distribution channel and/or a new communications medium. Depending on the different types of services you provide use the internet’s social media and email programs. Even consider marketing the “old fashion” way with outdoor billboards, radio or local newspaper advertisements; they are tried and true! All of these ideas represent a potential new way to reach your customers that could change the direction of your business.

  2. RE-INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! We all do it eventually, that is, we neglect our best tool for increasing business- a happy customer! Send them a seasonal card; introduce a Referral Program; offer a special discounted item/service or distribute promotional items. The point is to contact them . . . and to regularly stay in touch . . . whether it is via mail, phone or email. But remember too, market them respectfully . . . don’t overdo!!

  3. GATHER CUSTOMER REVIEWS! Make the time and take the effort to really listen and learn how they feel about your services/products. Armed with this valuable feedback, you can then plan the appropriate improvements for the future.

  4. GROW YOUR DATABASE! Make sure your website had plenty of “calls-to-actions” (CTA’s) for people to get in touch with you by subscribing to an email list or a blog etc. Some ideal places for these CTA’s are your blog, your homepage, product/service pages and your social profiles. This is a simple and easy way to gain potential customer information for direct-market.

Slow periods are optimal time to focus on marketing! Contacting past customers and those who’ve expressed interest in your company will enable you to stay in their vision during the lows and convert new leads into customers during the next high!