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Heat Drying

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Dri-Eaz F535-115V Dragon 3600 Indirect-Fired Furnace

As the only mobile heater designed and built for restoration, the Dragon delivers the performance you need to tackle drying jobs even in the most difficult conditions. We build the Dragon in our U.S. plant using only premium components, including a top-of-the-line Becket burner, a TIG-welded corrosion-resistant aluminum tank and sturdy no-flat wheels. With 120,000 BTUs of heat and true 700 CFM airflow, the diesel-fired Dragon can produce up to 120°F (49°C) of temperature rise to make cold weather drying fast, efficient and profitable!

E-Tes Air Temp Sensor

Control ambient air temperature with the E-Tes Air Temp Sensor to prevent over-heating and wasted energy.

E-Tes SD Smart Package Sensor Kit

E-Tes SD Smart Package Sensor Kit contains: 1 PGE5060 Heavy Duty Moisture Probe Assembly 1-AT200 Surface Temperature Sensor 2-AT204 Sensor Probe Extension Cords 1-At206 Remote Exhaust Fan Control 1-AT208 Sensor Travel Bag Product Video

Phoenix 4030120 Arctic Max Portable Air Conditioner

The new Phoenix Arctic Max is the first portable air conditioner designed specifically for the Restoration Industry. The Phoenix Arctic Max boasts one ton (12,000 BTUs) of cooling capacity operating in 95°F and 60% conditions while drawing under 12 amps. In a single pass, this provides a 15 degree temperature drop on the 430 CFM evaporator (cooling) air stream and water removal equivalent to 100 pints per day.

Viking PDS-21 Pressurized Drying System

 Viking's new Patent Pending pressurized drying system makes drying wall cavities easier and less frustrating than ever before!  HEAT IS THE KEY! 

The PDS-21 by Viking Equipment, not to be confused with a centrifugal air mover, is an innovative pressurized drying system. The PDS- 21 incorporates an air-tight housing and a specially designed vacuum motor to pressurize and heat the air prior to discharging it through 21 outlets.All-in-one containment makes this revolutionary product easy-to-use for big and small jobs alike. The PDS-21 makes drying easier and less frustrating than before. It is perfect for under sinks or behind cabinets and permanent furniture. All in one containment allows the operator simple on the go equipment. Just bore a 1/2 inch old, plug in the end hose and begin drying.  Its portability makes drying a breeze.
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Energedry Eliminator Electric Restoration Heater

Energedry Eliminator Thermal Evaporative Accelerator • Quick and Safe Heating of Your Restoration or Building Site. • ELE Eliminator Electric Heater has been used to Dry Wood Floors, Personal Property, Structures, Carpet and much more. • With the ELE Eliminator there is No need for external air movement, because this system has a self contained fan. • Stackable with “Ramp Up” power feature • Another use that has been reported to us is, Heating Up Personal Property and then Deodorizing it.

Phoenix 4030480 FireBird Fury Electric Heat Drying System

Maximum Heat, Ultimate Flexibility  
The new Phoenix FireBird Fury Electric Heat Drying System has double the heating capacity of our industry-leading FireBird and the flexibility of operating on multiple power sources. The Fury can operate on any combination of up to 6 standard, 120V 15 amp circuits, delivering up to 30,000 BTUs from 120V power. The Fury can also utilize 240V power from a 30 amp dryer circuit (18,000 BTUs) or a 50 amp range circuit (32,000 BTUs), for a total of 62,000 BTUs with all circuits running. The FireBird Fury features 750 CFM of airflow for a safe temperature rise and maximum heat circulation. With its integrated 12" inlet and outlet duct connections and included remote thermostat, the Firebird Fury can effectively deliver heat and control temperature even into remote or inaccessible spaces. The FireBird Fury provides maximum flexibility and control in maintaining desired temperatures on the jobsite. Unlike competitive units, the multiple power options offered by the Fury will minimize the need to reconfigure your customer’s electrical service or bring in outside generators.
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