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Atrix VACBP1 Backpack HEPA Vacuum/Blower

Atrix VACBP1 Backpack HEPA Vacuum/Blower Powerful Backpack Performance at a Surprisingly Low Price! The Atrix Backpack HEPA Vacuum/Blower with an 8 Quart dry particulate filter is ideal for any situation that involves a lot of cleaning of stairs, draperies, blinds, ext. Designed specifically for commercial cleaning, the Atrix HEPA backpack vacuum allows you to quickly clean all those hard to reach places in office, libraries, restaurants and hotels.

Pullman-Holt 102 Big Red HEPA Drum Wet/Dry Vacuum w/ Tool Kit (B001136)

A drum vacuum gives you plenty of capacity for the big commercial, industrial jobs

Pullman-Holt 102HEPA Dry 12GAL HEPA Vacuum w/Tool Kit (B527038)

NUMBER ONE CHOICE OF ABATEMENT PROFESSIONALS!! Our popular 2-hp, 2-stage long-life motor makes this HEPA vacuum a true 'work horse' for heavy duty service in professional abatement work; i.e. asbestos, lead, concrete dust/ silica, etc. The Model 102 offers superior vacuum recovery, ranging from dry, light particulates to heavy debris. High efficiency 'Drop-in' style HEPA filter is individually tested and certified to have a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at .3 microns (based on 1EST-RP-CC001 particle count test method) and meet EPA RRP certification requirements.

Pullman-Holt 102HEPA Filter Assembly (B160009)

Includes HEPA filter, gasket, Dacron bag, prefilter and spacer sleeve.

Pullman-Holt 102HEPA Wet/Dry 12Gal Vacuum w/ Tool Kit (B160421)

The 102ASB is a proven performer in the abatement industry. For over twenty years, it has earned the reputation as a true "work horse" by abatement, remediation and restoration professionals. A heavy-duty polyethylene tank with dump valve, rugged construction and long-life, commercial grade vacuum motor help make this model the toughest, most durable HEPA Vacuum in the market today.

Pullman-Holt 30HEPA BackPack Vacuum w/ Tool Kit (B160000)

When it comes to a rugged, portable backpack style HEPA vacuum, the model 30HEPA is the preferred vacuum. It is ideal for use in elevated or hard-to-reach areas, either hand-carried or worn as a back-pack.

Pullman-Holt 30HEPA Filter Assembly w/ Gasket (B260000)

Includes 9.5" HEPA filter and gasket

Pullman-Holt 390 Vacuum Wand Extension (B100322)

Wand Extension measures 19.5" long with 1.25" diameter