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Deluxe Water Claw - Medium

Deluxe Water Claw - Medium

Dri-Eaz F354 Rover HVE Ride-on High Volume Extractor

One of the biggest challenges for carpet extractors is removing water from the carpet pad. No matter how much suction is applied, water will only come out if the extraction device effectively compress the pad and create an sufficient seal. Some machines accomplish this with heavy weights. These are a hassle to carry onto the job, and clumsy, requiring the operator to repeatedly move and reset the machine. The weight of the rider on the Rover helps to compress the pad, while the Rover’s special polymer glide creates the seal needed to extract as much water as possible. These features, combined with great maneuverability, help to reduce operator fatigue, boost production rates, and produce a deeper, more consistent extraction.

Dri-Eaz F511 Extraction Tool

The Dri-Eaz Extraction Tool significantly improves initial extraction productivity and increases profitability. A patent-pending glide creates a powerful seal to maximize carpet compression while maintaining high airflow to ensure deep extraction from all carpet types. A convenient vacuum break means no awkward repositioning to maintain extraction, and an ergonomic handle and a lightweight design make the Extraction Tool it comfortable to operate even on the largest projects. Easy to clean and maintain. Pair it up with the HVE 3000 extractor or a Big Gulp 4500 or 3500 truckmount for deeper, faster extraction on every job.

Esteam FM001 Flood Master Extractor

No pump, dual 2-stage vac. Let the FloodMaster tackle all of your flood restoration jobs from large to small. Its dual 2 stage vacuums and submersible pump will dispose of up to 65 gallons per minute. Put the FloodMaster to work for your business.

Esteam PN 261-042-25

Esteam 25' Solution/Pressure Hose w/fittings

Esteam WARRIOR 500-10

500psi, dual 2-stage vac w/heater. Faster Drying Times! The Warrior uses a parallel vacuum motor system which delivers a 25% greater solution recovery rate than series vacuum motors. The onboard carrying system provides storage for your wand, double cord wrap stow, 5 gallon bucket, hose and a quart of prespray. All controls and connections have moved up and are now located on the upper center panel for easy access and operation. Maintenance is easier than ever providing an open access to all components delivering the ability to easily maintain, clean and care for your Warrior after jobs. Capacity is improved to 13 gallons, with an 11 gallon recovery tank, allowing you to work 16% longer without downtime. Integrated handle and upper rear casters to assist with loading and unloading.

Mytee 7000S Flood Hog Flood Extractor

Flood Hog™ S is a 2-in-1 machine. Use it as a flood extractor, or use it as an in-line vacuum booster for some extra power when you’re running long lines. Call (513) 874-7488 for OVR Pricing!