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Viking 2200EX Centrifugal Airmover/GFCI Plug


The 2200 EX
(w/GFCI) is the ideal airmover for the Restorer offering maximum airflow (3000 FPM) and optimum features while consuming very few amps. 2.7 amps at high speed (2.4 on low) and an onboard GFCI allows you to daisy chain up to (4) four air movers on a single 15 amp circuit. *Stackable to maximize storage, heavy duty construction and a very manageable 29 lbs. 
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Viking Aquasensor Penetrating Moisture Sensor

Moisture detection made easy - Find moisture in Carpet, Wood & Drywall!

No more reaching or bending over to map out the affected area! When moisture is detected, the aqua light will flash and the beeper will sound. The frequency of beeps will let you know how much moisture is found. Simply press the sensor probes into the material to be tested. The Aqua Sensor is constructed of heavy stainless steel to provide years of rough use. The Aqua Sensor is powered by an energizer 9 Volt battery. Product Specs: 30-3/8" Stainless Steel Tube Thumb Screw Porbe Assembly Ergonomic Rubber Hand Grip


Viking LGR 8500 sc Dehumidifier

Built with the restorer in mind, Viking’s new LGR Dehumidifier is out in front when it comes to performance. With stacking capabilities, this “smart controlled,” 130 pint per day monster, comes out swinging at less than you would expect to pay for units in the 110-120 pint performance range. Now add an operating range of 32°F - 115°F, weigh it in at a mere 100 lbs., couple all that with Viking’s famous return on investment, and the LGR 8500 sc becomes a must have in any restorers arsenal.

Viking PDS-21 Pressurized Drying System

 Viking's new Patent Pending pressurized drying system makes drying wall cavities easier and less frustrating than ever before!  HEAT IS THE KEY! 

The PDS-21 by Viking Equipment, not to be confused with a centrifugal air mover, is an innovative pressurized drying system. The PDS- 21 incorporates an air-tight housing and a specially designed vacuum motor to pressurize and heat the air prior to discharging it through 21 outlets.All-in-one containment makes this revolutionary product easy-to-use for big and small jobs alike. The PDS-21 makes drying easier and less frustrating than before. It is perfect for under sinks or behind cabinets and permanent furniture. All in one containment allows the operator simple on the go equipment. Just bore a 1/2 inch old, plug in the end hose and begin drying.  Its portability makes drying a breeze.
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Viking Eco Cam Pro w/GFCI 1.6 amp Centrifugal Air Mover


With the onboard GFCI, it allows daisy chain capabilities for up to 7 units on a single 15-amp circuit. This single speed centrifugal airmover delivers a powerful 2800 FPM of air while drawing a meager 1.6 amps, making it the greenest airmover on the market today. Stackable to maximize your storage options.

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Viking IAQ7000 Air Scrubber

Viking IAQ7000 Air Scrubber Whether scrubbing air or evacuating as a negative air machine, the Viking IAQ 7000 is the most powerful, dependable, cost efficient air scrubber in it's class to date! Drawing a mere 2 amps and delivering over 700 CFM this true HEPA filtration system is a power house. We surveyed and listened to the wants and needs of independent contractors. With two models to choose from your needs are met again with Viking's flexibility. Whether you want variable speeds, or a battleship hardened unit with a two speed rocker switch, either unit allows you to change filters without the use of any tools. We also made them 4 wheel drive. While costing less than the two top selling 500 CFM machines, it rents at " Xactimate" WTRNAFAN> leaving Viking's famous return on investment unrivaled.