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SidePack™ Wall Mount Kit

This package has everything you need to seal off the walls at both ends of your ZipWall® barrier. Comes with its own bag and everything is ready to go.

FoamRail Span™ Adjustable Tapeless Seal

Snap the FoamRail Span™ adjustable tapeless seal on to any ZipWall® pole or wall mount to form a tight seal at the ceiling or floor. Or use with SideClamp™ Wall Mounts to seal along a wall. It easily slides to expand or contract from 4'3" to 8', sealing up to 8’ of barrier edge using just one pole.

ZipWall SLP 4 pk Dust Barrier System

The 4-Pack can create a dust barrier up to 30’ long or you can build a three-sided barrier creating a room within a room. It’s ideal for getting started with the ZipWall® Dust Barrier System or adding to your existing system. Each 4-Pack comes with a carry bag, so you can get one for each truck.

ZipWall HDAZ2 Heavy Duty Zipper 2-pk

Work in temperatures below 55⁰ F (12.8⁰ C) and have a greater adhesive area than the standard zipper allowing for an aggressive tack. Their 3" wide all-cloth construction provides maximum durability, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. The patented ZipperKnife™ sheeting cutter prevents edges from jamming teeth.

ZipWall SLP 2-Pack

The 2-Pack is ideal for adding to your ZipWall® Dust Barrier System. Two poles can also be used to close off a hallway or small room less than 10' wide.

ZipWall ZDS ZipDoor Kit

ZipDoor® Kit Seals standard doorways up to 3’ x 7’. Made from 4 mil plastic sheeting. Includes two pre-installed zippers.