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Mike Terrell

As you all are well aware, the Water Restoration Industry as a whole has been experiencing a lull for several months now. And yes, we all know and understand that businesses have highs and lows. HOWEVER, the very last thing we should be doing is sitting around, waiting and hoping for things to change soon. Now is the time TO RAMP UP YOUR MARKETING!! Take advantage of this opportunity (yes, opportunity) and execute the following ideas to help position your business for the inevitable turnaround:

  • SEEK NEW PROSPECTS! Locate them by using a different distribution channel and/or a new communications medium. Depending on the different types of services you provide use the internet’s social media and email programs. Even consider marketing the “old fashion” way with outdoor billboards, radio or local newspaper advertisements; they are tried and true! All of these ideas represent a potential new way to reach your customers that could change the direction of your business.
  • RE-INTRODUCE YOURSELF TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! We all do it eventually, that is, we neglect our best tool for increasing business- a happy customer! Send them a seasonal card; introduce a Referral Program; offer a special discounted item/service or distribute promotional items. The point is to contact them . . . and to regularly stay in touch . . . whether it is via mail, phone or email. But remember too, market them respectfully . . . don’t overdo!!
  • GATHER CUSTOMER REVIEWS! Make the time and take the effort to really listen and learn how they feel about your services/products. Armed with this valuable feedback, you can then plan the appropriate improvements for the future.
  • GROW YOUR DATABASE! Make sure your website had plenty of “calls-to-actions” (CTA’s) for people to get in touch with you by subscribing to an email list or a blog etc. Some ideal places for these CTA’s are your blog, your homepage, product/service pages and your social profiles. This is a simple and easy way to gain potential customer information for direct-market.

Slow periods are optimal time to focus on marketing! Contacting past customers and those who’ve expressed interest in your company will enable you to stay in their vision during the lows and convert new leads into customers during the next high!

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