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Phoenix 4024774 Mini-Guardian HEPA System

$1,395.00 Weight: 70 lb
Width: 21 in
Length: 21 in
Height: 47 in

The Mini-Guardian HEPA System is the compact, variable air speed version of our popular Phoenix Guardian HEPA System that offers fully variable air flow.

Maximum delivered air flow with 3-stage filtering in place is over 415 CFM and will clean one air change of a 14 x 14 foot room in less than four minutes while drawing less than two amps of power. This makes the Mini-Guardian perfect for smaller remediation projects where space is at a premium and reduced air flow essential. A template on the intake grill makes it possible to take air-flow measurements with the Phoenix Reed Meter.

The Mini-Guardian's 3-stage filter design with true HEPA filtration will remove virtually all hazardous particles from the air and an optional fourth stage filter of activated carbon and potassium permanganate will absorb a wide range of odors and gases. The unique 24" canister, HEPA manufactured for the Mini-Guardian, contains nearly 200 square feet of surface area. This allows maximum air-flow and significantly extends filter life.

The Mini-Guardian's unique duct discharge collar allows some filtered air to be directed to specific areas or outside as negative air providing the ability to operate as a negative air machine. By exhausting a portion of the air flow, the Mini-Guardian continues to scrub and recirculate a volume of the air inside. This prevents spreading the contamination to other areas and quickly improves air quality at the damage site.

Just like the original Phoenix Guardian HEPA System, the Mini-Guardian features a durable, stainless steel cabinet, hour meter, ductable in-take and exhaust, and wheeled cart design. The Mini-Guardian can be operated vertically or horizontally and takes up less than half the floor space of the larger Guardian.


Part No. 4024774
Power 1.96 amps; 215 watts
Blower Up to 415 CFM (delivered air flow
w/3-stage filter operation)
Filters: 1-stage 1” Spun Polyester, 16” x 16”
2-stage 2” Pleated Media, 16” x 16”
3-stage 14” dia. x 24” Canister HEPA
(optional) 4-stage 2” Carbon and Potassium
Warranty One Year, 100% Parts and Labor

Cabinet w/Cart Shipping
Width 16” 19-1/2” 20-1/2”
Height 40” 40” 47”
Depth 16” 19” 20-1/2”
Weight 65 lbs 70 lbs

Brand URL : phoenix-mini-guardian-hepa-system-2

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