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Benefect 30475 Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 1 GL

$34.99 Weight: 9.5 lb
Width: 12 in
Length: 12 in
Height: 14 in


Why is Benefect Multi-Purpose Cleaner Better?

Benefect® Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a revolutionary cleaning product developed as an effective, concentrated solution for all general cleaning tasks. Made from 100% botanical, biodegradable ingredients, it is safe for children, pets and the chemically-sensitive. It contains no chemical masking agents, fragrances, petrochemicals or phosphates. It has been proven as effective as leading national brands in standardized lab tests and the dilution rate makes it an economically viable alternative. *No animal testing was performed to validate our data.

Saves Money

Its versatility allows you to use one product for carpets & upholstery, floors, walls, glass, mirrors, sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and countertops. It can replace 4 - 5 other cleaning products and its concentrated formulation allows a dilution rate of up to 1:256 making it economically sensible.

Environmentally Responsible

Made from 100% renewable resources, it biodegrades aerobically & anaerobically. It has no EDTA, NTA, petrochemicals, preservatives, optical brighteners or phosphates.

Are you going green? ...Go Botanical!
Benefect's Multi-Purpose Cleaner (MPC) is a revolutionary Cleaner Concentrate that achieves the professional results you need without using hazardous synthetic chemicals.
Formulated for:
• General Daily Cleaning
• Large Dilution Range from Heavy to Light-Duty Tasks

• Botanical Ingredients
• Neutral pH, No Skin Irritation & Broad Surface Compatibility
• Solvent-Free, No VOCs
• No Resoiling
• No Fragrances, Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, EDTA, NTA or other hazardous or unecessary ingredients.
Made from botanical ingredients, it is readily biodegradable & safe to use around children, pets & the chemically-sensitive.

Used by Fairmont & Delta Hotels as part of their Chemical-Free Cleaning & Disinfection Program!

Manufacturer: Benefect


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