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Chemspec UCT4G Urine Contamination Treatment 4x1GL

$137.00 Weight: 36 lb
Width: 12 in
Length: 12 in
Height: 12 in

Chemspec UCT4G Urine Contamination Treatment 4x1GL

Our most effective deodorizer for urine odors. Features h aggressive surfactants and odor counteractant. Also useful as a traffic lane cleaner to neutralize urine and other organic odors in carpet. Ideal for residential, health care and educational applications.Also recommended as a cleaner and odor control product for restrooms. UCT works on all urine sources, and can be used effectively on carpets, upholstery and even on hard surfaces like tile, concrete, and wood. Suitable for use on stain-resistant carpet when used at the recommended dilution.

Product Specifications

Form: Liquid

Brand URL : chemspec-uct4g-urine-contamination-treatment-4x1gl

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