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Pullman-Holt 45HEPA-TT Dry 2HP 10 GAL Recovery HEPA Vacuum w/ Tool Trigger (B100481)


HOSE INCLUDED; OPTIONAL TOOL KIT AVAILABLE This new HEPA vacuum is designed specifically to be used with power tools and dust management in construction and restoration job sites. The model 45HEPA-TT has a "Tool Trigger" feature allowing the operator to turn the vacuum on or off through the power tool. Stricter worker and environmental regulations are requiring tradesman who cut and grind concrete and masonry materials to control dust. Collecting and containing dust increases worker and power tool productivity, extends life of the abrasives and reduces clean-up time and expense.


  • Commercial grade, long-life 2HP motor - exceeds airflow and pick-up of vacuums purchased from home improvement stores.
  • Compact, low center of gravity design - No tipping, easy handling, transporting and storage.
  • Tested and certified HEPA filter - Oversized HEPA filter with plenty of media to handle high airflow. Individually tested and certified to have a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at .3 microns.
  • Pre-Filter "Never Clog" Dacron filter bag - Self cleaning, maximizes airflow and prevents interruptions when picking up large volumes of dry, fine dust.
  • Positive locking, full swivel hoses - No binding and flexible. Easy handling and storage.
  • 50-foot power cord - Operates in wide area without changing electric outlets.


Product Code B100481
Motor (HP) 2
Air Flow Capacity (CFM) 110
Water Lift (in) 105
Net Weight (lbs) 35
Recovery, Dry (bushel) 1.07
Cord Length 50'
Brand URL : pullman-holt-45hepa-tt-dry-2hp-10-gal-recovery-hepa-vacuum-w-tool-trigger-b100481

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