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ProRestore 102257000 Electro-Gen (110 Volt)

$310.11 Weight: 15 lb
Width: 9 in
Length: 13 in
Height: 13 in

ProRestore 102257000 Electro-Gen (110 Volt) ProRestore Electro-Gen™ Tackle odors fast and efficiently with the industry's most durable electric thermal fogger. A versatile odor control application tool, the Electro-Gen produces a true "dry fog" with a particle size similar to that found in smoke – allowing for deep, thorough penetration and virtually eliminating the drips and streaks associated with conventional misters and foggers.

ProRestore 102257000 Electro-Gen (110 Volt)

Is a dual purpose chemical application device: A THERMAL FOGGER which produces a very small size droplet particle and an optional electric sprayer which produces a cold mist spray similar to that produced by an aerosol can.


At the touch of the trigger, an electric pump draws solution from the solution reservoir. The solution is pressurized and forced through a specially restricted orifice where the solution is atomized into a cold mist. In the cold spraying mode the operator has a choice of utilizing water based or solvent based formulations, such as fabric protectors, deodorants, flame retardants, spotters, insecticides, etc.


At the touch of the trigger, an electric pump forces solution drawn from the solution reservoir through an atomizing nozzle and into a thermostatically controlled heating chamber in the barrel. The solution is vaporized instantly and a cloud of smokelike fog surges out of the end of the barrel.

For best results dry fog is recommended. The dryer the fog the smaller the droplets, resulting in improved penetration and economical treatment. Dryness of the fog is controlled by the rate of solution passing through the heating chamber. This flow rate is controlled by turning the adjustment knob clockwise for a dryer fog, and counter clockwise for a damper fog.


MOTOR: Electro-Mechanical (vibrator) 7,200 strokes per minute Rating - refer to rating on plate PUMP: Displacement Type - Output-Spraying: 1 ounce (30ml) per minute - Fogging: 1,000 cubic feet (28 cubic meters) per minute Particle Size - Cold Spraying: 115 microns in diameter - Fogging: 13.5 microns in diameter HEATING ELEMENT: Thermostatically Controlled Operating Temperature: 450° - 525°F (232°C - 274°C) Current: 115v = 8 amps Wattage: 900 Watts 230v = 4 amps SOLUTION RESERVOIR: Spun Aluminum 3 quart (2.8 Liter) capacity RECOMMENDED ELECTRICAL EXTENSION CORD SUITABLE FOR OUTDOOR USE: (not supplied) 3 wire 10, 12, or 14 gauge, length not to exceed 25 linear feet (7.6 meters).

Electro-Gen (110V)
Sold by the unit: 1 unit per box
Unit reorder no.: 102257000
Output: 1 oz. per minute
Formulation tank capacity: 3 quarts
Diameter of base:     8 in. 
Height:                     11 in. 
Barrell Length:         10 in. 
Barrell Diameter:     3.25 in.
Weight: ~5 lbs.
Brand URL : prorestore-102257000-electro-gen-110-volt

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