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Local Rentals:

local equipment rentalOVR Equipment Sales & Rentals provides you with the means to do large commercial jobs, specialty jobs or multiple jobs. We have a wide variety of specialty and large loss equipment on hand, as well as experts to help you with those tricky jobs. OVR is always ready to help you and looks forward to supplying your equipment needs!

Local Rental Pricing 10.28.19

Bulk Rentals:

bulk equipment rentals

OVR Equipment Sales & Rentals has trucks loaded and ready with rental drying equipment to help you to do large commercial jobs, or multiple jobs during a CAT rain event. We also have experts on hand to help you through your CAT event or that large loss that can make your year. OVR is always ready to help with any and all of your equipment needs. One thing we have realized over the past 20 years is that, no matter how much drying equipment you have, a situation will come along where you will need more!  We look forward to supplying all your equipment needs!

  24/7/365  *  3.000 pieces of equipment  *  Phoenix, Dri-Eaz, Viking, Injectidry, AIM

Bulk Rental Rules:  All equipment in a bulk rental must be returned at the same time or you may incur additional shipping charges. See bulk rental contract for all rules.

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