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Benefect 80475 Atomic Fire & Soot Degreaser -1 GL

Weight: 9.5 lb
Width: 12 in
Length: 12 in
Height: 14 in

Benefect Atomic Botanical Degreaser - 1 gallon jug

Benefect® Botanical Atomic Degreaser is a high performance Cleaner formulated to seek and remove particulate at the atomic level with minimal agitation. This labor-minimizing feature makes it ideal for fire & smoke damaged contents & surfaces such as: walls, floors, woodwork & appliances plus other porous & non-porous materials & surfaces commonly found in fire or water damaged sites. Atomic is also ideal for removal of filtration lines by doorways, baseboards & registers.

How Can a No - Scent Product Remove Fire Odor?

By removing the majority of soot particles at the source, Atomic Degreaser dramatically reduces the scent left from fires.

How Can A Degreaser Be Solvent-Free?

Atomic features our Optimized Dynamic Chemistry (ODC) that enables plant-based ingredients to safely outperform synthetic solvent products. Atomic does not contribute to indoor air pollution and contains no VOCs, solvents, petrochemicals, dyes, fragrances, phosphates, alkyl/nonyl phenols or other hazardous or unnecessary ingredients. It is safe to use around children, pets and the chemically sensitive.

For Heavy Duty Cleaning, Fire & Soot, No Solvents, No Scrubbing

• All Natural Ingredients
• Solvent-Free!
• No VOCs
• No Fragrances, Dyes, Petrochemicals, Phosphates, EDTA, NTA or other hazardous or unnecessary ingredients.

Made from all natural ingredients, it is readily biodegradable & safe to use around children, pets & the chemically-sensitive.

Benefect's Atomic Degreaser for Fire & Soot outperforms the traditional degreasers to get the toughest jobs done but won't impact indoor air quality or the environment.

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